iphone repair companyWhen your iPhone battery dies and your completely shut off the grid until you can find a way to recharge, it’s like you’re lost, alone, and totally disconnected from the world. Or at least it feels that way. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these four tips for extending the battery life of your mobile device.

  1. Lower the brightness
    You can extend your battery life drastically just by dimming your iPhone screen. The brightness of the screen consumes a lot of power even if it’s only activated for a minute while you check your emails. Under settings, slide the brightness dial down to the lowest level that still enables you to read without straining your eyes.
  2. Turn off vibrate mode
    Vibrations actually zap more of your power than ringtones. When the sound is on, the ringtones just cause slight vibrations in the phone’s speaker. However, on vibrate mode, it has to shake the entire phone using a smart weight. So, if you’re in an environment that doesn’t require your phone to be on silent, switch it over to enable sound.
  3. Close apps you’re not using
    Simply clicking out of an app does not shut it down. Even when you pull up a new screen, your last screen will still be active in the background. This multi-tasking capability is great when you want to switch back and forth from one screen to another, but it is also the primary reason battery life drains so quickly. Why keep open an app that you’re not using anymore? Simply double-click your home button to see all of the open apps and swipe up on each one to close it out.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    If you’re among the 44% of Americans who check their work email every day while on vacation, then you’re probably always looking for a Wi-Fi signal. The best advice for you? Take a break and unplug. While you’re at it, turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi. Your phone uses energy whenever it searches for a signal. If you don’t need to use the Internet or your Bluetooth, turn them off in the settings menu.

If you’re practicing good battery conservation methods and still finding that you’re losing juice at an alarming rate, visit your local iPhone repair company. Depending on the issue, an iPhone repair company may provide the right cell phone repair services to extend your phone’s battery life.