Dropping your phone or experiencing some other situation that leaves your phone screen cracked is no fun, and with 15% of Americans heavily dependent on their phone as a means of access to the internet, it can feel like the end of the world. However, here are five things you can do to help improve your phone situation after a disaster occurs.

Ask Around for a Temporary Replacement
Fortunately, countless people you know probably have an old iPhone laying around that you could borrow. If you ask around, be it via Facebook or a simple e-mail, odds are that you’ll be able to find one to use until your contract is up. This is an especially good solution if your contract ends in less than three months.

Pull Through It
If your contract ends in three weeks and you find yourself with a cracked phone screen, you should be able to pull through just fine. So long as the text on the screen is still legible, it should be reasonable to hold out until you can renew your contract.

Hire a Repair Service
Since the inception of cell phones, cell phone repair companies have been popping up. Now, however, an iPhone repair company can handle all of your cracked-screen needs in addition to a variety of other services. Cell phone repair services have become somewhat of a necessity, especially with all of the possible damage that could befall delicate touch screens.

Trade In or Sell Your Broken Phone
When an iPhone or Android repair company isn’t the right option for you, there’s still a possibility that you can trade in or sell your phone. Most places will pay you a small amount and then refurbish the phone for someone else to purchase in the future. At the very least, even damaged phones can be broken down and sold for parts.

Buy a New Phone
In the extreme cases when even the best cell phone repair company can’t do the job, or if you’re simply not willing to tough it out, a new phone is the best option. If your contract is up in a relatively short amount of time, it’s safer to buy a new phone than to factor in the cost of repair and a new phone after that.

No matter the reason for your cracked screen, one of these solutions should work for you. The sooner you act, the better the result will be.