iPhone repair companyApproximately 50% of Americans as a whole and 80% of those aged 18 to 24 sleep with their phone next to them or near them. While it might be easier to hear your alarm that way, it’s also a great way to crack your smartphone screen when it inevitably falls out of the bed.

Fortunately, there are numerous options available when it comes to cell phone repair services. If you crack your phone screen in any way, shape, or form, here are some of the smartest options you have for screen repair.

Contact the Manufacturer

Before you try any DIY phone repairs or rush to an iPhone repair company, make sure to call the manufacturer. In certain cases, they may be able to provide you with a free or discounted screen repair or phone replacement. In addition, contacting the manufacturer first may save you a useless trip to the Apple store.

Screen Protector or Tape

If you can’t fix your phone screen right away, there are ways to wait it out and prevent further damage. In most cases, a screen protector will break before the screen itself does, but you can also use it as a means of keeping your phone from sustaining further damage. Clear tape can also work in a pinch.

DIY Screen Repair

Fixing your phone yourself is possible, but be warned — it’s a very involved process — one that’s best left to the professionals. If you’re particularly tech savvy, this may be a good option for you to consider before you go to an iPhone repair company or Android repair service. That being said, it’s almost always best to leave it to the people who fix phones for a living.

Out of Warranty Repair

If your phone is out of warranty and sustains damage, you’ll have to pay for it, regardless of what happened. However, you can purchase a screen replacement or repairs from a licensed repair company or your phone’s manufacturer for relatively low prices.

Local Repair Shop

When all else fails, or if you know the other options won’t work for you, you can always go with a tried and true local Android or iPhone repair company. After all, these companies were created to professionally repair damaged phones.

If your phone sustains a crack or the screen completely shatters, remember: there are options available to you.