iphone repair companyThere are approximately 107.7 million Android users in the U.S., and just about as many, if not more, iPhone users. Regardless of what smartphone brand you use, they’re all at risk of breaking. Whether it’s from a fall or it’s a technological issue, your phone only has so many lucky breaks.

If you drop your phone or something else happens, you might have a reflex to just replace it. Don’t listen to that voice! There’s an Android and iPhone repair company out there that can help you. Here are a few great reasons you should consider cell phone repair instead of cell phone replacement next time you have a broken phone.

More Cost Effective
Not only is it less expensive to pay for a repair service, you probably won’t have to drive as far. Odds are there’s a local iPhone repair service somewhere much closer than the nearest Apple store. If the issue is as simple as a cracked screen, there shouldn’t be any issue when it comes to repair. Don’t let a simple crack be the end of your phone! Get it repaired and save yourself some stress.

More Environmentally Friendly
The truth is that cell phones are not sustainable, and they’re especially not biodegradable. Throwing old phones in the garbage isn’t ethical or green, it’s just a waste. By saying no to a replacement and saying yes to cell phone repair services, you’re opening up the door to a more sustainable choice. If your phone is irreparable, then you should take it back to your provider who can recycle it accordingly.

In-Store and On-Site
If you’re lucky, your cell phone repair company will offer both in-store and on-site cell phone repair services. Not only is this amazing customer service, it’s even more convenient for you. Now you don’t even have to drive anywhere to wait for your phone to be repaired. If it’s a simple fix, then just place a call and have a repair technician meet you.

Finding an iPhone repair company isn’t difficult, so the next time your phone breaks, don’t replace, repair!