cell phone repairThere are 107.7 million smartphone users in the United States and counting, and nearly every single one of them has broken their phone at some point or another. While typical iPhone repairs are often the result of a simple, yet tragic slip from the hand, most break on contact with the floor or pavement.

However, there are some stranger stories out there. If you’re wondering just how much abuse an iPhone can take, here are some of the craziest ways people have broken their phones.

The Youtubers Obsessed with Destroying iPhones
You really can find anything on the internet, and there is actually an entire community of video bloggers who record videos of themselves smashing, drowning, shredding, exploding, microwaving, and otherwise destroying iPhones. These entrepreneurs routinely rack up millions of views, even though the footage is enough to make any cell phone repair expert break down into tears of stress.

In one of our favorite videos, Youtuber HaerteTest put an iPhone 5 up against thousands of sparklers to see if the phone could survive. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

Outhouse Trips
One LG employee recently recounted a particularly strange Android repair request: the smartphone in question was dropped into the pit of an outhouse, fished out of the muck, and sent to LG in the hopes that it could be salvaged. Unfortunately, that’s not the type of situation that LG repair usually covers.

Fishing for Phones
When phones find their final resting place in a watery grave, it’s usually in a sink or a bathtub. However, one angler discovered that isn’t always the case. While ice fishing, this fisher went to cast their line and accidentally dropped their phone through the ice! Luckily, they managed to pull it out before the fish got to it.

Car Troubles
If you’ve ever forgotten a cup of coffee on the roof of your car, you probably know where this is going. That’s right, some people have actually forgotten their phones on the roof of their car and then watched as it flew off in the rearview mirror. Talk about hindsight being 20/20.

My Dog Ate My Phone
As strange as it may sound, it actually happened to someone. While barbecuing, the smell of smoked meat was transferred onto the phone, and the phone was shortly transferred into a dog’s mouth. Needless to say, there wasn’t much the local iPhone repair service could do.

An Order of Fried iPhone, Please
Americans can fry almost anything, and it just so happens that someone has officially added smartphone to that list. A McDonald’s employee dropped their phone straight into the deep fryer while they were working. They probably never looked at french fries the same way again.

Fortunately, a cell phone repair company is out there to help you in the case that your phone meets a tragic end. While not all cell phone repair is as exciting as these stories, better to have your phone back than to have deep fried it.