iphone repairIn an increasingly technological age, we’ve become pretty dependent on our smartphones. In fact, approximately 57% of people use their phones for online banking and other important matters.

So unless you sleep on a bed of money at night, it makes sense that you would want to protect your expensive smartphone from damage. If you suffer from fear of dropping your phone anytime you see a body of water, here are a few tips to help keep your iPhone and Android smartphones intact.

Know Where You Put Your Phone
One of the biggest reasons phones get knocked over or spilled on is forgetfulness. If you’ve ever left something on top of your car, it’s easy to imagine. Did you leave your phone on a baking sheet that went in the oven? Let it slide into the bathroom sink and then forget about it? These things happen, so it’s important to know where your phone is at all times. Get in the habit of checking your pocket or purse to make sure your phone is always right where it’s supposed to be.

Don’t Risk It
If you’re visiting the Grand Canyon and think for a split second about holding your phone over the edge for an epic picture, think again. The best way to prevent damage to your phone is to keep it out of harm’s way in the first place. Better safe than sorry, even if it does mean forgoing that Instagram picture.

Keep It Out of the Bathroom
Water damage is hands down the biggest phone killer. An iPhone might survive a drop or two, but not being submerged in bath water (don’t get any ideas about new “waterproof” phones, either). If you take your phone into the bathroom, you’re just asking for water and moisture damage. Better to take a magazine in for reading material than risk dropping your phone.

Purchase Insurance
While it’s not inevitable, phone damage is a possibility. Insurance is there to make certain you can get that iPhone repair or LG repair that you need in the event that damage does occur. If you want extra protection, visit a local iPhone repair company and ask what the best option for your phone is. Odds are a local cell phone repair company will be able to help you out.

Don’t risk your phone for the sake of preserving an aesthetic or saving money. The real money-saver is a functioning phone.